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As the first generations of Gods started to appear, they increasingly came into conflict with the newly-discovered Titans. As these skirmishes developed, and as Gods started to turn to Titans, they realized that much of the Overworld was coalescing into fewer and fewer, greater and greater Titans. The almighty Ouranos and Gaia were smart and organized, leading their forces against the Gods, holding the entire Overworld in a tight, deadly embrace.
Rising against their parents came the first generation of what would become the Theoi, Nga Tama a Rangi, and Deva, fighting Ouranos and Gaia and attempting to free themselves from their imprisonment.

The fight was going badly for the Gods, until Kronus discovered a unique weapon, capable of tearing apart Titans: the Adamantine Sickle. This weapon allowed Kronus to surprise Ouranos, and in one cut turned the Avatar of Sky as Expanse to Sky as Calm.

Though Ouranos and Gaia were now separated, the World was still too bound to the Titans, now woven into its very fabric. Tane Mahuta had an idea: the creation of beings born of the World mixed with the power of the Titans, to create a barrier separating the World from the Overworld. The first Mythborn were born, mighty spirits and World Trees surrounding the World. Over time these Mythborn grew in Legend and complexity, and Otherworlds started to appear.

This separation between World and Overworld allowed humanity to flourish, but also marked the beginning of the Gods' withdrawal from the World.

The First Titanomachy left deep wounds both physical and spiritual. Kronus' use of the Scythe turned him to the Titans, while the Nga Tama a Rangi, to avoid the fate of Kronus and his siblings (most of whom turned to the Titans over the following centuries), had to exile themselves from the rest of the Divine Geopolitics.