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Forseti (Old Norse "the presiding one," "president" in modern Icelandic and Faroese) was the Aesir God of Justice and Reconciliation. He was the son of Baldur and Nanna but unfortunately killed at the end of the Second Titanomachy by the hand of Surtr himself.

Forsetti was capable of calming any strife and was extremely skilled in mediation. But he was also a talented seer, able not to predict specific events, but general trends, in order to make his diplomacy more potent. In his will, that he gave to Odin just days after his demise, he formulated the plan of absorbing the Vanir through marriage of Thor and Sif. This diplomatic agenda was put in motion by the All-Father and gave them an edge in Divine Geopolitics to this day.

Some say Forseti left many more clues and plan for Odin before his death in his will. Some say even the Northern Concord was his idea. If so, the value of such a will is immense, as it could give very important insights into the Aesir political game.