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Freya (sometimes called Freyja) was the queen of the Vanir Goddesses and Gods, a now dissolved divine tribe associated with earth, fertility, abundance, wellbeing, agriculture, the Wheel of the Year and the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Freya and her brother Freyr were the leaders of the Vanir and were the ones to accept Odin's ruling with open arms.

Freyja is a free woman, who bows to no-one. She had a husband named Odr, but he died during the Second Titanomachy. This tragic event made her see the interest in joining the Aesir later on and she has been serving the pantheon faithfully ever since.

Freyja is a Goddess of many attributes and powers. She is a Goddess of Gold, Feminity and Fertility – and, because of these predilections, she’s considered to be something of the “party girl” of the Aesir. Loki once accused her of having slept with all the Gods and the Elves, including her own brother. She’s certainly a passionate seeker of pleasures and thrills, but she’s a lot more than only that. Freya is the most talented of the völva seeress (with the notable exception of Frigg) and a practitioner of Seidr (the nordic version of Taiyi). It was she who first brought this art to the Gods (and more importantly Odin who proved to be quite gifted), and, by extension, to humans as well. Given her expertise in controlling and manipulating the desires, health, and prosperity of others, she’s a being whose knowledge and power are not to be underestimated. She is in fact a potent warrior and she can be brutal and effective in all her refinery. She goes into battle in a chariot carried by two cats (her favorite animal) or a mighty battle boar, her golden dress and sword piercing titanic ranks with shining efficiency.

When she joined the Aesir, Freya was granted the commandment of the Valkyries. As such, she is at odds with Hel, who hates that valuable Souls are taken to Valhalla. She owns a special falcon cloak that allows the wearer to transform into a falcon as well as her golden necklace Brisingamen who makes her irresistible to men. This necklace was made for her my four dwarves. They demanded that as repayment she spent a night with each of them in turn.

She is a potent diplomat, especially to other goddesses. Particularly friends with Amaterasu (the only female pantheon leader) as well as Aphrodite and Yemoja, she has a potent network of information through her many goddess friends, especially on the new Godborns. Gossip travels fast in the Overworld and infidelity gossip are the fastest. She also collaborated with Chasqua to initiate the sexual revolution in the 60's. Since the release of the Titans, she has also strengthened her ties with the Tuatha Dé Danann.

When Freya visits the world, she uses her talents to advance the cause of women everywhere. From a fortune teller suggesting a wife to stand to her husband to a self defense instructor in a bad neighbourhood, Freya uses her knowledge of Fate, her sensual beauty and her fierce temper in order to reach her objectives. Her Godborns are always voluptuous and sensuous people, with a taste for luxury and gossip. They are sometimes seen as shallow by more serious Godborns. However, their powers over the Wyrd and their passionate temper make them valuable allies to any cause.

Associated Powers

Fey Sorcery - Winter
Light - Brightness
Runic Druid
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Death - Horror
Fire - Strife
Order - Control

Associated Abilities