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Frigga (also known as Frigg, The Beloved) is the Goddess of Love, Marriage, and Destiny. She is the wife of the powerful Aesir leader Odin, The All-Father.

A sky goddess, responsible for weaving the clouds (and therefore for sunshine and rain and the fertility of the crops), she also uses her loom to study and change the threads of Fate. A loving mother, Frigga's Wyrdseeing caused her great pain as she foresaw the death of her beloved Baldur. She used a powerful high level Seidr and Enech ritual to try to protect her favorite son. Despite her power, she could not manage to truly save him and she has now decided to study Fate instead of manipulating it. To her, trying too hard to avoid one's destiny is the quickest way to reach it. Her husband Odin has the opposite theory, trying his best to avoid his demise at Ragnarok.
Even though she knew that she could not change his destiny, she simply couldn't just sit by and watch so the frantic Goddess extracted a promise from all things that they would play no role in his death. Unfortunately she overlooked one thing, the mistletoe plant, which seemed too insignificant to approach.

In addition to being a protector of women in labor, Frigga ensures fertility and watches over a women in love and marriage. She has an intuitive nature, an alignement with the spiritual that links her divination powers and the deep motherly love she has for her brethren. When Freya joined the pantheon, Frigg lost a lot of influence and even feared to lose her husband to the voluptuous Vanir. However, when Loki began to slander both Goddesses during a banquet, both realized they were a lot alike. Though one being young, vibrant and passionate while the other is calm, collected and caring, they both know and respect the power of Fate. The two seers are now best friends and are a great influence to the pantheon. They often compare their insights and act accordingly, giving them and the Aesir a great edge over their adversaries.

For all her divination powers, she has blind spots. What appears inconsequential to her is usually so, but she is not always right. Though probably the most potent Wyrdseeing and Augury user on the side of the Gods, she tries to use her power with care. Her husband pressures her to find a way out of Ragnarok, but everytime she tries, its inevitability appears to be more and more clear. However, some say she recently had a terrifying vision concerning Odin, but the specifics remain a mystery to this day. However, she has progressively retired from the political scene ever since…

In modern times, Frigg has taken on roles of council, as a gypsy fortune sayer, an ObGyn, a meteorologist expert or a psychiatrist. Her predictions are eerily accurate, which unnerves people who know and remember her. Frigg's Godborns tend to be women, and the few males usually have more in common with Baldur than with her. Her progeny are more observers than actors. They study a course of action and its implication, ponder the pros and cause, and then act with efficiency. From all her Godborns, Frigg extracts a formal Fatebound promise not to harm Baldur, her son. Swearing this oath is necessary before she will endow her children with any power at all, yet many have died regretting that very promise.

Associated Powers

Epic Presence
Fey Sorcery - Winter
Light - Illumination
Light - Brightness
Chwal - Puppeteer
Sky - Calm

Associated Abilities