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Art by Camilkuo

Creator God of the Celestial Bureaucracy along with his sister-wife Nuwa, Fuxi is the first of the 3 sovereigns and 5 rulers of ancient China, a time where mankind were ruled by God kings. Together with Nuwa, they had a son, Shangdi, better known as the Yellow Emperor.
At a time where mankind where living with beast skins over their shoulders and were out for hunting only when they were hungry because they did not know how to store food, Fuxi and Nuwa taught humans the first law: marriage. Later on, they taught them how to cook, hunt, fish and metal bend. He also taught them the writing system and the 5 elements of Nature (Water, Earth, Fire, Wood and Metal).
It is Fuxi and Nuwa who also created Tiàn, the Heaven, by conquering and securing a part of the Overworld before the First Titanomachy began. It was truly troubled times and as two fronts were beginning to form in the upcoming war, they missioned Shangdi to gather a group of Gods to defend the Heaven and watch over their creation. Or to create them if he needed to. As caring parents, they provided their son with his first assistant: Gao Yao, who would become the 1st Jade Emperor.

Badly wounded after the titanic war, Fuxi and his wife retreated from the World and the divine geopolitics altogether.

Now fully recovered, they keep watching over humanity, like guardian angels. Well aware they cannot get involved in the World anymore without having to suffer serious fatebindings, they play a role of Muse, inspiring humans to discover new inventions in every domain and continue thriving.

Associated Powers

World - Life
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Fire - Invention
Light - Illumination

Associated Abilities

First Aid