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Also known as Papatuanuku to the Maori and Prithvi to the Deva, Gaia is the Titan of Terra as the embodiment of Life and one of the most powerful beings in existence.

Gaia is the Mother, she values Life as the most sacred feat of the Universe. Always thriving to create new life forms, her spawns are as diverse as her imagination. She combines all kinds of features, makes experiments and let all of them live and prosper in her realm.

Being the eldest Titan of Terra with Kur, Gaia is extremely powerful. Even though she once led the Titan forces alongside Ouranos during the First Titanomachy, she is not a warrior at heart : when her husband was castrated by Kronus, she retreated to Terra, ending the Titanomachy. She has witnessed multiple changes in the Overworld since her defeat, especially the arrival of Crom Cruach and his deathly manners which established the Terran Cycle of Life and Death through Terra and Patala…extending even to the depths of Sheol itself.

Being as adaptable as Life itself, Gaia always finds innovative ways to express her concept even in Terra. Despite despising that Cycle concept, she goes along with it…for now.

To anyone in her graces, Gaia is a nurturing figure. Kind, affectionate and soft, she is always swift to provide advice to anyone intending to promote the virtues of Life and Nature, without compromise. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most of the Gods, who would rather befriend Dis Pater than Gaia. Exploiting Earth is more in the benefits of Pantheons than letting the cycles of Nature go without interference. Because of that, Gaia is at odds with almost every God in the Overworld, except for a handful of them such as Simbi.

Toward her enemies, however, Gaia only feels the need to punish her children, like a true mother. A deadly mother. Her wrath knows no boundary, she is relentless and, with organized tactics and planning, will make use of her infinite army of beast-children to swarm and defeat her foes.

Notable Spawns