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Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles, God of Good Luck and Wisdom. Close to humanity, beloved by all, and one of the youngest among the prominent Deva.

Elephant-headed Ganesha was not always this way. On his birth from Shiva and Parvati, alongside his twin brother Murugan, he was tasked with guarding his mother's door while she took a bath in preparation for Shiva's return. Shiva, back from killing the Rakshasa Lord Gajasura (who had taken an elephant form to fight him), was stopped by newborn Ganesha. Angry, Shiva severed the boy's head, instantly killing him. In a mad rage, Parvati started destroying everything around her, shaking all of the Devaloka in her fury.
Brahma, concerned, asked her to put an end to her destructive actions, which she agreed to do if the boy were to be brought back to life, and if he be worshiped above all other Gods. Shiva used the head of the dead Gajasura to help Brahma bring the boy back to life, and thus Ganesha was born.

Warden against Demons, clever and wise all at once, protector of the weak and the lost, there is little reason not to love Ganesha. His strange status as partly made from a Rakshasa - especially the head - has caused some worry alongside the purist Deva, and blamed for his attachment to mortals, but while he is seen with some discomfort by other Gods, he is absolutely beloved by humans. In stark contrast to the removed and distant older Deva, Ganesha implicated himself directly in the World whenever possible, always in wonder at humans around him, their ingenuity, pain and struggles the most fascinating spectacle in his eyes. And he always tries to help.

His Godborns are the same - empathetic problem solvers. They find the best way to resolve the situation, even if it means fighting or discussing or compromising, and then solve it quickly and effectively, moving on to the next problem without waiting around for praise, content that those they leave behind are better off for their aid. They have been skilled plumbers, engineers, or psychiatrists.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Water - Healing
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Light - Brightness
Sky - Peace
Depths - Abundance
Order - Gravity
Night - Stars

Associated Abilities

First Aid