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Chinese God of Law, Gao Yao is the second son of Fuxi and Nuwa, created by both Gods in order to help their son Shangdi in his task of forming a Pantheon.

Pale-skinned with a sword in a hand and the Jade Principles Golden Script in the other, Gao Yao is a taciturn deity. Almost all his time is spent on writing new law on the Golden Script in order to improve the Bureaucracy's efficiency. But Gao Yao is as taciturn as he is a talented warrior. Thanks to his knowledge, he can use all types of abilities. He is not master of anything, except of Law, but he knows a consistent amount about everything.

Only a few elements are known about him, since he spends his time in his chambers with the Golden Script he does not have the time nor the will to share his story.

As Shangdi's first assistant, Gao Yao was the first Jade Emperor. As such he managed the life of the Bureaucracy until Shangdi found him another purpose, which is his current role.

He is Erlang's uncle and is the one who exiled his own sister for breaking the rules he wrote down by sending her into Aether, where she was burned to death by the ten sons of Hyperion. Witnessing his nephew's deeds to save his mother and his achievements, he is also the one who inducted Erlang as God of Truth. They fought together alongside their brothers during the First Titanomachy to repel Yam's forces and defend Tiàn.

He also managed to befriend a dragon. It was the second contact the Bureaucracy had with the dragons. Although the relation was not well-seen by the dragon population, they realized quickly Gao Yao was not taming him and was nurturing a friendship with the mythborn.

Gao Yao has very few Godborn, but all of them are driven by their desire to follow the law, or at least a certain set of rules, whether it is a brotherhood code or a state law. They respect all that lives under a morale code and deeply despise all kind of anarchy or lack of discipline. They are soldiers, lawyers, judges or even members of a thief guild for the most rogue of them.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Light - Illumination
Tai Yi - Nature
Runic Druid
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Puppeteer
Order - Gravity

Associated Abilities

First Aid