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Garous are a type of Mythborn associated with the Kami of a given animal. Usually the combination of a human Soul and an animal kami, the Garous are a very large and diverse group of Mythborn. Though the most famous are Loup-Garous, or werewolves (not to be confused with the Titan-born Fenris Beasts), were-boars, were-birds, or were-snakes are all common.
Unlike those able to perform Zoothropy, Garous do not shapeshift and are in a constant animal-like state. Many amongst them are former humans, transformed through magical means, and as such Garous are generally intelligent, if often feral to some degree.

Garous include Centaurs, Minotaurs, Mermaids, and many other mythical creatures. Many Garous who are not affiliated with the Gods and Titans settled in the Otherworld of the Dark Forest.

Species of Garou - Totem Animal