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Egyptian God of Earth, Geb is the son fo Shu and Tefnut. He is also father of Osiris, Isis and Set and was once married to Nut.

Brown complexion, dark eyes and dark hair, Geb is the second most powerful God of the Neter, just behind Atum Re, and a peaceful, very melancholic deity.

Once married to Nut, the Egyptian Goddess of Sky, they lived happily ever after until Nut became a Titan of Nyx, sealing their separation for all eternity. Since this day, Geb is seen stargazing on the banks of Aunu more often than anything else and when talked to, one can notice his lost eyes, as if he was watching something beyond the horizon.

As a God of Earth, Geb's duties are to look after the tombs' integrity, and the vegetation around the Nile and within Duat. He doesn't take much pleasure from his job, but as a deity of the Neter, he prizes and values social order. Despite his apparent melancholy, if the Neter is threatened he is among the firsts to rise and defend his owns…and his ire is definitely to be feared !

Like their father, Geb's Godborns are filled with a soft melancholy. They do their jobs because they have to do it more than because it pleases them. They are a calm strength, resolved, corruption-proof and patient. They are constructions builders, meticulous artists or clockmakers.

Associated Powers

World - Stone
Runic Druid
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Order - Self-Control
Tai Yi - Nature
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Fire - Strife
Epic Toughness

Associated Abilities

First Aid