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A group of Godborns

Gods have always been drawn to the World, and to the mortals living within. In the ancient days, Gods would walk among humans, warring, traveling, and loving. The union of a God and a mortal created the Godborns, half-divine beings with the unpredictability and humanity of mortals and the power and drive of the Gods.

When the Concordat of Stonehenge was enacted and the Gods became unable to manifest into the World, they still wanted to influence the World. Unable to do so directly, they continued to create Godborns to influence human affairs. The path of a Godborn is far from easy: born with unfathomable potential, they are constantly under a hail of responsibilities and dangers. They have the duty to protect the World, guide humans towards their future, while maintaining the traditions and history of the ancient Pantheons. But they also have the duty towards their individual Pantheons, and individual Gods within it, fighting for influence with Titans, Mythborn, other Godborns, and even certain groups within human society, the Secret Societies, which have their own designs for the World.

Few Godborns survive long, burning out like bright shooting stars through the sky. Most of those who survive reach a peak of Legend some time in their lifetime, living the rest of their lives in the World following whichever purpose they choose. However, a precious few will rise to the level of Gods, and join their Pantheons in the Overworld.

Notable Groups of Godborns

Known Godborns/Former Godborns