Zeus, Anubis, Morrigan, Athena and Thor
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Immortal and infinite being, a God is a silent watcher, a ruthless protector, a loyal companion or a trickster. Their personnalities are as wide as humans' and they are the keepers of civilizations. Gods live in the Overworld, alongside the Titans which they wage war upon from the Godrealms.

Gathered in Pantheons, they struggle for influence and power over the World and their own survival within the Overworld. Globally united against the Titans, Gods become divided when it comes to their own interests.

The eldest of them, usually the pantheons founders such as Atum Re or Kronus, have no clearly known origins. They just are and - almost - nobody can explain how they came to be. From them descends all the Gods known to mankind all around the World. Some of those younger deities were born as Gods but others, like Guan Yu, ascended to Godhood through the process of Apotheosis after a life as a Godborn on Earth.

The Gods have played a major role in the shaping of humanity and civilizations since they came to be, not hesitating to intervene directly on the World, strongly binding themselves with Fate. Since the Concordat of Stonehenge however, no Gods have been spotted wandering the World and implicate themselves as they used to do in the times of old and therefore, as a side effect, far less of them turned to the cause of the Titans. When they do visit the world, Gods use a lesser version of themselves called Incarnae which carry enough of their essence to spawn Godborns. Creating Incarnaes is a difficult and taxing act, and most Gods try to limit its use to the strict minimum.