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Art by generazart

Great empires can rise and fall on the backs of the roads that allow commerce, communication and armies to move through difficult terrain. Roads are the arteries and veins of any nation and the Overworld reflects these vital constructs in the Great Highway.
Winding through misty valleys and over snow-covered peaks, the Highway travels through the outer edges of each Pantheon’s Godrealm and even touches some of the long-lost domains of Pantheons destroyed or lost to time. It’s been said that, with enough dedication and a long enough journey, any destination can be found by travelling the Great Highway.
There are dangers, though. Aside from any Titanspawn that may decide to garrison portions of the Highway, and tax collectors or guards from Pantheons stationed where the Highway brushes near their Godrealm, the ever-present threat of Highwaymen lurks beyond every turn of the road. Robbers targeting travellers of their goods has been a danger for thousands of years, one that has wormed its way into the very being of the Great Highway. To reach or leave the Great Highway, one simply has to travel across one of its reflections in the World for at least an hour, the Highway held firmly in mind as their route. Their destination is unimportant, all that matters is the path they wish to take. At the end of the hour, the traveller finds himself walking (or driving) upon the Great Highway.

Reflections of the Great Highway:

  • Route 66, USA
  • The Royal Road, Persia
  • The Appian Way, Italy
  • The Autobahn, Germany
  • M25, UK