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Few divine constructs can be considered equal to the Greater Wall, whether it is in terms of size, Legend or diplomatic value. As the last line of defense against the Titans, the Greater Wall is the Celestial Bureaucracy's pride and joy.
Build by the Celestial Bureaucracy from the remains of Kronus Titanspawn after the Second Titanomachy, the Greater Wall is the embodiment of what its earthly equivalent once were: condensed strategy and manpower embedded within a testimony of power.
The Greater Wall, by its design, is the biggest Titanspawn of Kronus known to the Gods. This could be a huge strategic flaw but fortunately its creator, Chenghuangshen, merged himself with his creation in order to instill it with the sparkle of life - his life - thus sealing its nature: a Titanspawn with an allegiance to no Titan. It symbolizes Order as Barriers and Borders, and as such is extremely resilient to the influence of other Titanspawn.

The Greater Wall was designed to circle every Godrealm, protecting every Pantheon from the outter influence of Titans with an extreme efficiency.

Giant steel doors covered by protection runes are running along the Wall every few kilometers - even though the notion of distance in the Overworld is quite relative - and are opened to Titans allied with the Gods, such as Dis Pater or Sedna, if they can find such a door left alone by the titanic forces permanently trying to overwhelm its defenders.

The wall is manned by warriors, Gods, Souls and mythborn alike, and war machines built by the best craftsmen the Overworld has to offer, Hephaestus and Svarog being the main providers of such pieces of wonders. But the Titans are not without their own arsenals and thanks to Prometheus, they can besiege the great fortress with deadly weapons.

Managed by Guan Yu, the Greater Wall is in a constant state of battle since its creation a few millenia ago. By now, every pantheon's Godrealm is linked to it and every God or lesser beings willing to join the battle, if only for a moment, is most welcome and is being granted safe passage by Guan Yu's subordinates.

The Greater Wall is of great strategic value for every pantheons, even those less committed to the War. And as such, the Chinese leaders, especially Guan Yu, never hesitate to mention it since the vast majority of the Divine Strategy for Defense relies on the Wall's existence.