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The Grim Reaper is the Avatar of Death as the Inevitability. Everyone dies, and the Grim Reaper ensures this process continues.

The Grim Reaper had a tacit agreement with the Gods, but broke it in the Middle Ages, unleashing the Black Death over humanity. The cunning but terribly unsubtle Donn tried to take advantage of the situation for his own personal profit. As the Grim Reaper had troubles to make her pandemy reach the coasts of Britannia and Ireland, Donn and her made a pact: the God would help her spread the Plague among the human Celts and in return she was to bring all the plague-killed souls to Tech Duinn.
The alliance worked for a time, until eventually the Gods intervened and tore apart the Grim Reaper and locked its remains in Tartarus, sending Donn on the run.

As the most powerful aspect of Death before her dismemberment, the Grim Reaper was the leader of Sheol. Since then, the Titanrealm has been less stable and Underworlds have increased their defenses with the help of Styx.