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Chinese God of Brotherhood and Martial Power, Guan Yu is a former Godborn of Shennong who lived during China's Three Kingdoms period.

Few are the warriors who reached such level of greatness and worship as Guan Yu's. He and his brethren, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, are in the heart of China's ancient stories and Guan Yu worship still continues in today's China.

Legends tell he was 9 chi high (about 3 meters), with a 6 chi (2 meters) beard and a red face. Always wearing his green robes on top of his armor, he's almost never seen without wielding his guan dao, the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

After being worshiped for roughly 2,000 years, tales about him are plenty and would need days to be told. The most telling of Guan Yu's temper and character, however, can be found in Romance in the Three Kingdoms. For generations these tales inspired countless chinese soldiers and rulers to respect values such as loyalty and righteousness and gave them a symbol to look up to.

Guan Yu's stories always revolve around his brotherhood with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. This long-lasting friendship began by an oath the three of them made in the Peach Garden, binding them together through Fate: "Although the surnames are different, yet we have come together as brothers. From this day forward, we shall join forces for a common purpose: to save the troubled and to aid the endangered. We shall avenge the nation above, and pacify the citizenry below. We seek not to be born on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. We merely hope to die on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. May the Gods of Heaven and Earth attest to what is in our hearts. If we should ever do anything to betray our friendship, may heaven and the people of the earth both strike us dead."

This era of China was truly troubled times. Corruption, wars, treason and assassinations were daily routine. Alliances were fragile and rebellions were rising everywhere. One rebellion in particular revealed Guan Yu as the great figure he is today: the Battle of Sishui Pass.

When Dong Zhuo entered the capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty and seized control of the imperial court, several warlords, Liu Bei included, gathered into a rebel coalition to fight against Dong Zhuo's authority. As the coalition was being organized, the usurper emperor heard about supplies bein moved through the Sishui Pass and sent his army to block the coalition's supply chain. The coalition planned many attempts to go through the Imperial army, but none of them succeeded. The Imperial General, amused by the situation, taunted the rebels to defeat on a one-to-one combat. Two rebel generals tried and were killed. Then, Guan Yu volunteered. Being only a mounted archer under Liu Bei's command at the time, the rebel officers laughed at him, thinking the poor lad was surely joking. But Guan Yu was adamant and the officers eventually accepted. After all, he was volunteering. Upon entering the battlefield, Guan Yu was offered a cup of hot wine, to give him strength. He kindly refused, stating he'd rather drink it after the fight. Guan Yu returned to the rebel camp a few minutes later with the Imperial general's head in his hand and drank the cup of wine, still warm.

Guan Yu's legend started to rise and he kept following Liu Bei along with Zhang Fei. Eventually, the three of them sealed an alliance with a former rival and ruler: Cao Cao. Pretending to be on their way to help Cao Cao battle his rival, they secretly went to the Xu Province, killed its inspector and seized control of the province. After Liu Bei departed for his capital, he left Guan Yu in charge of guarding the Xu Province. But a year later, alone against Cao Cao's full army, Liu Bei fled and Guan Yu was captured. But instead of executing him, Cao Cao, who had nothing but respect for Guan Yu, covered him with gifts and appointed him General and provided shelter to Liu Bei's wives.

During his service under Cao Cao's command, Guan Yu had no information regarding Liu Bei's whereabouts. So he served his new superior as a true zealot. But Cao Cao was aware of Guan Yu's loyalty and knew he would leave his side as soon as he would have considered his debt to Cao Cao payed. So Cao Cao kept covering Guan Yu with gifts, until the Godborn located his brothers in arm. He then packaged every gift Cao Cao offered him and returned them to him, all except his horse, Red Hare. He also brought with him Liu's wives and together they departed to join the long lost brother. Cao Cao, moved by this righteousness testimony, granted safe passage to Guan Yu across his territory.

But all of Cao Cao's generals were not as loyal as Guan Yu and six of them tried to stop him. All six failed and were killed on the spot. This last tale shows how far Guan Yu's loyalty can go.

Upon his Apotheosis, Guan Yu climbed the hierarchic ladder of the Celestial Bureaucracy in a few years only and Shangdi, impressed by his new recruit's capabilities, appointed him Jade Emperor, responsibility he still holds today.

Since then, Guan Yu never stopped working for the Bureaucracy and to ensure its supremacy on every front, especially as manager of the Greater Wall. He is loyal to Shangdi and is also ruthless when needed be. He doesn't hesitate to break deals if it gives him the upper hand over a given situation and will not consider long restraining himself using Taiyi. His brotherhood may have changed after his death, but Guan Yu stays true to his principles and is a righteous worker of the Greater Good.

Like him, his Godborn are loyal and do not break friendships easily. But outside of their brotherhood oath, their behaviour is unpredictable and they can easily appear as traitors. But they are usually not and serve a higher purpose than their acts could suggest. They are soldiers of course, generals, monks or even members of a Triad.

Associated Powers

Epic Presence
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Epic Strength
Epic Toughness
Order - Control
Tai Yi - Nature
Death - Destruction
Light - Brightness
Light - Illumination

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