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Art by Phaedris

Enlightened human, Guanyin was an adept of The Middle Way and is now a part of the Celestial Bureaucracy as its Minister of Diplomacy.

Small, thin with pale skin and dark hair, Guanyin is as kind and caring as Xiwangmu. But being deeply involved in Divine Geopolitics makes one lose a part of their kindness. Even though she always tries to make deals benefiting everyone involved, she understands the needs of her pantheon and always try to get a little uphold so she can use it and redirect it on her original duty: humanity.

Reverred as a saint by buddhists, Guanyin was a buddhist disciple who chose to withdraw herself from the ties of Fate. But upon reaching Nirvana - and becoming an entity outside the Web of Fate - she decided to stay on the World to make her kin benefit from her new abilities. Witnessing her great sense of self-sacrifice, the Bureaucracy decided to induct her Minister of Diplomacy and grant her access to the Golden Orchard.

As a human, she understands what raw brutality means and therefore she understands the great importance of always trying to find diplomatic solutions first. As Minister of Diplomacy, she is Guan Yu's first choice to deal with other Gods and she oversees the Bureaucracy's ambassadors' actions - she travels a lot within Selene's realm to have some news of Chang'e and does the same by visiting Houyi in Helios's exile realm.

She is also the one who trusted Sun Wukong - in a relative extent - to escort a pilgrim through his pilgrimage across China and, on mission completion, took responsibility for his entrance into the Bureaucracy.

Due to her status of Immortal and not being a Goddess, Guanyin cannot birth Godborns.