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Underworld of the Orisha, Guinee is ruled by Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte as husband and wife. It owns two Axes Mundorum: one in Ilé Ifé in current Nigeria and the other hidden in a dark alley of New Orleans French district. The former Axis Mundi was scealed at Eshu's death.

As adepts of reincarnation, the Orishas used Guinee mostly as a transitional world, where souls could live on their way to their new life. Until Eshu's arrival as new Psychopomp. He and Oya very quickly set an efficient system in order to harness the souls' Legend, progressively turning the Underworld into some sort of hell which scars are only beginning to disappear.

But after Eshu and Oya's demise and the arrival of Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte, the whole Underworld changed. First, the reincarnation was modified: when before the souls were not given a choice about reincarnation, nowadays they can choose upon their death between the cycle of reincarnation or consider they have finished their journey and be brought to Ikole Orun. If a soul chooses the reincarnation process, since Baron and Maman thrive for partying with the living, they will do their best to ensure the soul can return to life as soon as possible. However, the soul wouldn't return to life with its own spiritual integrity: under the Orishas rule a soul was reincarnated as such into a new body, but under the Lwa rule, before returning to life, the souls dive in the Lake of Unity to be merged with other souls on their way to reincarnation. Once a new life is born, a completely new soul comes out of the Lake, ready to go into its body.

Thus, for the souls wishing to live there, Guinee is a peaceful place with Baron and Maman doing their best to bring eternal joy to them and a special region especially for unborn and dead children which receive a special amount of attention and care from both rulers. This part of the Underworld is actually not the loudest. Even though the majority of the souls living there enjoy sitting down by a tree and read a good book or just watch time flee, others like to have good laughters with Baron, who tries to be available for everyone and every now and then Baron and Maman just take out their secret stash of rhum and throw a party which usually shakes the whole Underworld to its roots.