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Gwyn ap Nudd, also known as the Erlking, is the King of Alfheim, land of the Light Elves and part of the Summer Court of Fairie.

Though he is technically subordinate to Titania, the influence and organization of the Light Elves, their strong alliance with Norse God Freyr, and the general freedom that Titania gives to her vassals have led the Erlking to be the second most powerful individual in the Summer Court, after Titania herself.
Because of the tension between Alfheim and the rest of the Summer Court since the Dark Elves' betrayal, the Erlking spends much of his time in diplomatic efforts with Titania's Court.

Gwyn ap Nudd is wise and fair, but he burns within with the fire of Summer. A peerless duelist with a ruthless streak, he has been known to impale invaders on his ramparts, keeping them alive for months - even years - as a warning to those wishing to challenge his rule. He is a practical diplomat, friends to the Celtic and Norse Gods, while remaining a front-line figure in Mythborn politics.