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Art by SoulFenrir

Hachiman, Japanese God of Warriors, was once a Godborn of Amaterasu, the Emperor Ojin, the ancestor of the famous Minamoto Samurai Clan.

Minamoto was originally a title given to the second son, the one who would become a warrior when the eldest would become a political leader in japanese nobility. Indeed Hachiman, as an Emperor, was always a warrior before being a leader (which displeased his mother). However, being such a proficient swordsman and archer during his lifetime allowed him to vainquish powerful foes and reach Apotheosis. Joining the Amatsukami, Hachiman is sometimes mistaken as a God of War like Ares or Aganju. He is actually the God of Warriors, more precisely Swordsmanship, Bushido and Archery. War is not his business. Self-improvement through honourable combat is.

As a young God, Hachiman has proven to be very adaptable. A true warrior and philosopher, Hachiman is progressist (for a japanese God). He was the one who convinced his mother to accept buddhism in Japan, creating lasting bonds with the Deva. This is only one of the example that illustrates how his will has lead japan through many changes. He was the one who encouraged the rise of the samuraï during the Kamakura Shogunate, in the middle ages, and the one that helped Japan recover after World War 2 when other Gods were too ashamed by defeat.

While Tsuki-Yomi is the ambassador, Hachiman is considered to be the "gateway" into the Amatsukami for most Gods who want to create diplomatic bonds. He is kind hearted, patient and wise. He acts rightly, with courage and benevolence, always showing respect to both his allies and opponents. Loyal to the cause of the Gods, he is one of the most skilled duelist : he has elevated his swordmanship to an artform through rigorous training and meditation. Nowadays, he fights the ennemies of the Gods on the Greater Wall, his katana sweeping titanspawns in a graceful ballet of death and his wise words helping his allies improve through the moral principles of Japan. Unlike many of the Amatsukami, Hachiman was born not from a Mythborn, but from a human. That allows him to have more potential Legend than his own mother and some say he could be the leader of the Amatsukami if he decided so.

When he visits the World, Hachiman is as his symbol suggests : the three teardrops circling a vortex, signifes the forces of change and transformation that he brings to any occasion. As a karate instructor teaching westerners about chi, a world-class swordfighting champion, a professional bow-hunter or a dextrous chef reinventing the sushi, Hachiman wears many disguises to learn, test and improve. Unlike many Gods, he enjoys the role of student just as much as teacher and has accumulated many advanced degrees from prestigious human schools : an MBA from MIT and a doctorate in philosophy from Harvard stand proudly in his home in the Overworld. His theory is that, by continuing to improve and learn, one can escape being stuck by Fate. Either true or not, Hachiman ties people together through the twin principles of discipline and harmony. Him and his progeny try to elevate their consciousness through education, training and meditation, perfecting both mind, body and spirit. They tend to excel in conflict without enjoying conquest or victory, their humility and benevolence hiding their deadly ability to stick an arrow or a blade in a throat in a blink of an eye. They are however too perfectionnist and lack understanding when others follow other purpose in life than self-improvement.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Water - Healing
Fire - Life
Fire - Invention
Light - Illumination
Order - Control
Night - Stars

Associated Abilities