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Hades, brother of Zeus, King of the Underworld named after him, occupies a vital position in the Overworld due to being the guardian of Tartarus, appointed after Zeus brought down Kronus and imprisoned him there. Guarding the prison of the Titans is a heavy responsibility, but also a position of prestige and power.

Oldest brother of Zeus and Poseidon, he lost the luck of the draw to decide who would receive the different parts of the World, and ended up ruling the Underworld. This actually really worked out, as Hades discovered himself to be extremely good at making the most out of a bad situation. It turns out that the deep places in the World held countless riches, from jewels and metals to oil and gas. Since then Hades has made a literal fortune and has leveraged his assets to amass possibly the greatest wealth and amount of Orichalcum of any God, with only Osiris as his rival. This has not led to competition between the two Gods, each of whom has no interest in the claim of "richest", but only see it as a means to an end. Both Gods are very friendly, and trade between the two is plentiful and prosperous.

Hades has surprised many with how involved he is in his realm. Not content to sit on his throne, he spends much of his time side by side with his helpers, and many a times has come in person to fight off a revolt or Titanspawn assault. His Helm of Invisibility gives him an incredible advantage against his enemies, and he has surprised many by his martial skill and raw power and will. Many forget that he is a sibling to the likes of Zeus and Demeter, and the power of Olympus is strong in his veins.

Hades remained unsatisfied for a long time, a hole in his heart which could not be filled with Orichalcum or power tortured him. Until he laid eyes on the ambitious and wild Persephone. He found in her his equal and his match. Using his Helm of Invisibility, he approached the young Goddess, and they fell in love. Ultimately, he took her down to his kingdom, so that she may rule as his Queen.

This was seen as a betrayal by Demeter, who shouted in every field and valley that her daughter had been abducted. Beloved Demeter was heard more than introverted and dark Hades, and Zeus had no choice but to negotiate a compromise between his two siblings. Helped by Dis Pater, a deal was struck: Persephone would spend half her time with Hades, and the other with Demeter. This state of affairs keeps Hades unhappy, but they have taken this as an opportunity for Persephone to pursue their common interests in the outside World, while Hades does so in the Underworld. Keeping busy with work keeps Hades' mind away from his wife's absence.

Hades' Godborn are powerful and ambitious. They can be warriors if needed, but like more subtle means of getting their way. Introverted and independent, they tend to be hard to work with, but their willingness to get their hands dirty usually redeems them.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Puppeteer
Death - Peace
Night - Terror
Fire - Conflict
Depths - Shadows
Depths - Underground

Associated Abilities