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Antechamber of Duat, the Neter's Underworld, the Hall of Two Truths is where the souls face trial, led by Osiris, for their worthiness to enter Duat. This is called the Psychostasis process.

Brought in by Anubis, the soul shall first hear their deeds read by Thoth. The soul then place their heart on one side of Anubis' scale and on the other side is placed a feather. It is Anubis' duty to check the result. Whatever the result might be, it is Horus to bring the trialed soul to face their fair judgement. If the feather is heavier than the heart, the soul shall be granted passage through Duat's doors if it is able to give the password revealed by the magic rituals written in the Book of the Dead. If however the heart is heavier than the feather, the soul it belongs to shall face a second death by Ammit's fangs.

When a soul is sentenced to face Ammit, it is said the soul dies a second time.However that is not precisely what happens. The doomed soul is not destroyed, only its free will. Therefore, they are deemed to an eternity of slavery and become the mindless puppets of the Neter, doomed to execute each and every of their new masters' wills within Aunu.