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Original art by Julie Marie Gene

For the God this Godborn has become after reaching apotheosis, see Am Kudur

Hamset is a Godborn of Set. Born in 1933 in Egypt, his mother was warned to leave Egypt before the Second World War in order to raise the child of the Guardian of the Desert. During the war, Hamset was just a child, but understood the capital importance of power. He started studying philosophy and psychology, counseling various rebellious individuals and encouraging a liberated way of living. His practice was often criticized, especially with the rise of psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud, but he remained in activity.

In 1971, Hamset was visited by his father Set who revealed him his heritage and destiny. He joined the B.E.A.R group, with Carl Johnson, Lin Wang and Nita Nairobi.

Hamset is not ashame of using the darkest and most controversial powers, including Hematurgy or Necromancy. He is also able to put his mark, a form of Runic Tattoos, on beings of lesser Legend, in order to exert a partial control of their minds as well as copying some of their skills. Though extremely powerful and dangerous, using such forms of magic has its disadvantages : one does not toy with Fate for long. Hamset is an impulsive, egoistical, power-hungry Godborn, with a knack for cannibalism and domination. He understands the big picture and tries to serve his father’s interest, but is currently looking to pursue his own objective and grow in power.