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The realm of the condor, Godrealm of the Ayllus, Hanan Pacha floats peacefully above the World below, hidden among the clouds at the peaks of the heavenly mountains. A number of tall, rocky peaks tower up above the cloud cover, holding temples and cities along the mountainous slopes. Here, the Gods and those dead who go on to become venerated ancestors make their homes.

By climbing to the peaks of a number of sacred mountains in the Andes, one may find suspended there a large rope-bridge, seemingly made of hair, leading out and disappearing into the clouds. Walking across this bridge leads the Godly creatures into the realm of Hanan Pacha. There are a number of mountains in the Andes which serve as such connection points. Some of the most famous are the mountains of Salcantay, Illimani, Illampu and of course Huayna Picchu, overlooking the ruins of Machu Picchu. Most of these sacred mountains are protected by the Ayllus pantheon and their followers to ensure their safety.

As travellers walk across the bridge of hair, the peaks below are quickly left behind as clouds surround the bridge and cut the ground off from sight. For a time, it seems as if the world is nothing but white, whispy clouds and the bridge of hair which the travellers walk across. The bridge slopes in a steady upward path, and soon enough the clouds part, the great peaks of Hanan Pacha appear, towering up above the cloud cover.

The bridge of hair leads to the rocky slopes of one of the lower mountains of the bunch, depositing the travellers with quite a journey still ahead of them. Mountain trails lead up from this point, winding around the rocky slopes slowly. Working along the path and to the other side of the mountain brings with it the true heart of Hanan Pacha. Nestled among the mountains, in a deep valley where the rises come together, is a large, sprawling city. In the center of that city rises a single, golden pyramid, larger than any that stands among the mortal World.

This golden pyramid is the home of Inti and his sister Kilyamama who sit above the sprawling city on the double seats of the pyramid. From here, Inti can look down upon the city and see everything that happens within Hanan Pacha. His sister too can watch their people, though she is just as often found down among the city or walking World below.

The city that sprawls through the valley is made up of the venerable ancestors of the Inca people. Only the righteous and honorable dead may come to Hanan Pacha. Often, they are brought there by Viracocha who brings them up from the Uku Pacha to reside in peace and splendor instead of the fear associated with the Underworld.

Above the skies of the city, flying in lazy circles and looking down below to the city are a number of giant condors. As the eyes of Inti, they are responsible for dealing with any trouble which might arise among the sprawling city.

Hanan Pacha has a few links with various places of the Overworld. It is close the the mountainous realm of Ourea in Terra, the Cloud Layer of Amaunet as well as the blasted lands of Aether.