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For the Godborn whom this God was before reaching apotheosis, see Hapi.

Hapi, God of Healing and Self-Sacrifice, is a deeply empathetic figure, who cannot tolerate suffering in any form. Son of Hathor and true heir of the Sun, Hapi was forever scarred in a confrontation with Aten's Titanspawn, and now walks a dangerous line between leader and tyrant. Having taken over the Church of the New Sun from Aten's creatures, he works towards solving people's problems - and if their free will is not strong enough to do the right thing, using other means to ensure order, healing and peace are acceptable too. Under the watchful eye of Hathor and Atum Re, Hapi works alongside Khepri to act on the World: he handles the spiritual branch while she oversees military action.

Hapi's Godborns are just as dedicated as he is to ensuring peace and love at all costs, and projecting their power and charisma to achieve that end. They are doctors, new-age gurus, political activists, or college professors.

Associated Powers

Light - Brightness
Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Light - Illumination
Epic Beauty
Fire - Life
Water - Life
Sky - Peace

Associated Abilities

First Aid