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Egyptian Goddess of Love, Beauty, Motherhood and Joy, Hathor is Horus' wife and was married to the fallen God Heru-ur before that. Her symbol, the Holy Cow - symbol of fertility in Ancient Egypt - was livened up by her father Atum Re's Solar Disk between her horns.

Tall, dark-haired, green eyes and haled skin, Hathor's beauty is said to be equal to Aphrodite's and a rivalry on this topic between both of them sometimes rises out of the blue. Her beauty was revered throughout the whole Old and New Kingdom both. She was desired by humans as much as Gods, but she never made use of her seductive power for her own ambitions.

Unlike most of the Neter's gods, Hathor is always full of joy and wishes to bring happiness everywhere she lands foot. She might look like a singular deity within the most serious of all pantheons, but like any other Egyptian deity, she serves a clear purpose. Where all others are preoccupied with their serious duties, hers is to entertain and make sure the Gods and Goddesses of the Neter can find some joy and love in the middle of the cosmic turmoils. Her parties are….well, literally Legendary. Nowadays one could see her as divine version of the human motto "Sex, drugs and Rock'n'Roll". The reality is not this trivial of course, but throughout the times of Ancient Egypt, Hathor was associated to the celebration of Life itself, whether it was motherhood, love or even music. As such, she was the most revered and loved goddess of the Kingdom and is a key element of the Egyptian social order.

She is currently married to Horus, son of Isis. This marriage could surprise more than one deity given how much their personalities seem to be on opposite sides. While Horus is a focused and skilled warrior and tactician rarely swift to joke around, Hathor does exactly the contrary. How is this marriage working is the question most of the Gods asked themselves at least once. The reason is very simple and only those who knew Heru-ur can understand how Horus reminds her of her previous lover.

Ancient Egyptian God of Sky and her brother, Heru-ur fell before Aten's cunning around 500 BC after being poisoned. Heru-ur's death gave Aten enough Legend to begin his ascension to power. But it also emotionally ravaged Hathor. Witnessing, powerless, her husband's agony and death is most certainly the reason why she seems to have vowed to enjoy her eternal life and provide love and joy around her. She may be one of the rare Gods to have realized that among deities, eternity is not infinite.

Needless to say Hathor had many Godborns. Like their mother, they are prompt in sharing love and joy around them. They are always positive but often hide a deep emotional scar. They are idolized actors, princesses in the few remaining royal families, singers or even physicians or strippers for the most lustful of them.

Associated Powers

Water - Healing
Night - Fear
Epic Beauty
Fire - Life
Sky - Peace
Depths - Abundance
World - Life

Associated Abilities

First Aid

Known Godborn