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Haumia-tiketike (or simply Haumia) is the God of Wild or Uncultivated Food of the Nga Tama a Rangi. Haumia is a son of Rangi and Papa, and agreed to the forced separation of his parents. Because of this,he was subjected to the fury of his brother Tāwhirimātea, God of Winds and Storms, who would have killed him if their mother had not hidden him in her body, that is, in Terra.
Haumia contrasts with his brother Rongo, the God of the Kūmara and all Cultivated Plant, in that he never forgave himself for that corwardly behaviour (although Rongo said it was only logical).

Haumia is the creator of fernroots, which became a major element of the Māori diet in former times and is a wild God. He is kind of the trump card of the pantheon. He is patient, but unpredictable, caring but free, honorable but dangerous. Haumia likes things simple and unencumbered. He talks to the most animalistic aspect of human nature. Eat, sleep, have sex… All those things you can do by laying down, which is why the fern grows almost everywhere. Haumia is not like Tūmatauenga in that he does enjoy conflict. However, like an animal, he knows how to defend his territory efficiently. Using instinct and savagery rather than martial discipline, Haumia has continuously trained himself in order to be stronger and help his pantheon.

To that end, he often visits the World as a wandering martial artist, a big-game hunter, a brutish wrestler or a strong-willed green druid. Never settling, living off the land and learning new ways to grow, Haumia is an active God and his numerous Godborns pursue that same ideal : grow so much that you free yourself from worry.

Associated Powers

Epic Senses
Fire - Strife
Depths - Shadows
Night - Veil
Green Druid
Chwal - Puppeteer
World - Expanse
Night - Moon

Associated Abilities