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Heimdall (or Heimdallr) is a God of strange origin. Son of Odin, he was raised by nine mothers who each taught him a different craft. While his decision to become Watchman of the Gods came later in life, his early time clearly gave him the strength – and especially the endurance – to undertake a role that has him awake most of the time and out in all weathers.

White of skin and with golden teeth, Heimdall always has a stern expression of his face, and it is a difficult task to stand his penetrating gaze without feeling awkward. Heimdallr possesses foreknowledge, keen eyesight and hearing and keeps watch for the onset of Ragnarok while drinking finemead in his dwelling Himinbjörg, located where the burning rainbow bridge Bifröst meets Heaven.

As the information broker of the Aesir, Heimdall opposes Loki and is known as Loki’s Foe/Bane because they will slay each other at Ragnarok. Heimdall has a Duty, and that means that he as Warden, Guardian and Watchman must observe and protect. As Loki is more likely to oppose Asgard and the rules thereof (possibly with some good reason, possibly not), it will more often than not be Heimdall who ends up dealing with it. Heimdall swore to defend Asgard and the Aesir… But, locked by the Fatebinding, he cannot simply act directly against Loki (as that could actually trigger Ragnarok itself) and prefers to simply thwart his plans.

While Heimdall bears a sword and rides a horse, his most important attribute is his legendary horn with which he will sound the alarm at Ragnarok. This duty makes him a loner in his pantheon and he is rarely seen on the political scene, too busy maintaining and developing his information network. Like his father, Heimdall sacrificed a body part in order to improve his powers. By cutting one his ears, he expanded his senses to a greater level than any existing God. His hearing is so acute that he can hear the grass growing in the World. He needs less sleep than a bird, and his vision is as keen as his hearing regardless of whether it be day or night. Little escapes his notice : he is constantly on guard and watching by his own senses as well as using the reports of others.

As the warden of the paths between the worlds, and the Gods' first line of defense, Heimdall is one of the most influential God. He is the effective lord of the Impenetrable Citadel and is therefore paramount to the defense of the World against the Titans. Though not especially powerful himself, Heimdal knows everyone's secrets and is not afraid to use them to the profit of Odin and the Aesirs. He is the most well informed and only fools underestimate him. His loyalty to Odin is absolute and all Gods dealing shady deals try to escape his gaze… with relative success at best.

When he does find time in his busy schedule, he visits the World and tries to learn as much as he can, both in technology and information. As an electronic security expert, a well connected spy, a journalist specialized in the occult or a high-ranking Special Forces operative, Heimdall gathers ressources, contacts and information to further the cause of Asgard.
Heimdall's few Godborns are determined loners, and their father uses them as contacts, putting them in sensible areas where opportunities are plenty. That way, Heimdall keeps his divine security network alive and efficient. All of his progeny is dedicated to the cause of the Gods and use powers of perception, duty and wit to outmatch their opponents. However, they are sometimes seen as glorified snitches, trying to "buy" their father's love by digging dirt, even on their own teammates…

Associated Powers

Epic Senses
Runic Druid
Night - Veil
Tai Yi - Nature
Fey Sorcery - Winter
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding

Associated Abilities