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Art by babymik

Heku is a Legendary Discipline discovered by Isis after the First Titanomachy. Now spread all over the Overworld and commonly used by Godborns, Heku's deepest arcanes are still kept secret by Isis, even from her brethren.
Humans call it the "magic of words", considering each word as sacred and holding power. Of course, the divine reality is much more complicated.

The user of Heku combines both Wyrdseeing and Spiritwalking in order to take temporary control of a situation. Thanks to Wyrdseeing, the user is able to see the links of Legend surrounding him, like guitar chords, and thanks to the proper succession of words in specific chants or incantations, the spell caster can make use of those chords to create situations which goes to their advantage the same way a guitarist uses his chords to produce a calm or energic melody.

Despite this magic being based on Wyrdseeing and amking use of fatebindings, it is not to be confused with Taiyi. Heku users cannot change the nature of fatebindings nor redirect them.

Depending on the power level of Heku users, their tight over a given situation can be held longer and more efficiently. Thanks to these incantations, pharaohs of old were able to contain and control their population, assuring Egyptian Kingdom a long and prosper existence.