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Helios is the resplendent light of the Sun, son of Hyperion and only avatar of Aether currently resisiting Aten's rule. Brother of Selene's, Helios is more handsome than any God, his head shining with an aureole of fire. He almost always drives his golden chariot, drawn by four steeds of pure white flame : Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon, and Phlegon.

Also known as Sol Invictus and the All-Seeing, he embodies the light of day that reveals all things hidden. He was the one to tell Hephaestus that his wife Aphrodite was sleeping with Ares. Helios is quite prolific for a Titan and had many famous children, including Circe, Pasiphaë and Aeëtes. One of his children Phaeton tried to drive his chariot, but mishandling it, almost crashed on the World, creating the Sahara desert.
Helios is an ally of the Gods. Though a titan Avatar, he is generally benevolent and kind. He collaborated with Houyi to absorb his lesser brothers who impersonated destructive aspects of the Sun. When Herakles crossed the Lybian Desert, he was so frustrated by the heat that he shot an arrow at Helios. The Titan was amused by the feeble attempt and impressed by his courage. He therefore rewarded him with a golden cup that never empties : the Holy Grail (which Herakles put later in the Reliquary). All is not good however : he had a little friction with Maui (when the Polynesian hero was still a Godborn) and some say he was the one to suggest him to pursue immortality for mankind (who led the God to his doom).

Though an ally to the cause of the Gods, he remains an Avatar. At his core, he wants the light of day to remain forever and Aether to be his. Therefore, Gods only trust him to a limited degree : they know the Sun Titan only remains on their side to avenge his father Hyperion and because he needs their help to fight the overwhelming forces of Aten. Helios still has a good relationship with many Gods, including Herakles, Huitzilopochtli, Amaterasu, Dažbog or Surya.