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Hematurgists are beings who learned how to tap into the powers of Legend contained in blood and ichor (not the anima of Titans, though they can use it on others) in order to receive power. Its use is frowned upon as Hematurgist can have a tendency to become addicted to its tempting powers, leaving a trail of violence in their wake (as the story of Whiro suggests). This particular form of magic has existed for a while, but is so unique in its use and power that many have studied its origin… Without finding an answer yet though some say that Thoth and Coeus might be on to something…
There are multiple sects of hematurgy, spread over the World. The main Pantheons practicing hematurgy are the Ayllus, the Aesir and the Teotl. Some human Enlightened have acquired the knowledge to practice this discipline.

Known Hematurgy Disciplines


Native to the Inca Godrealm of Hanan Pacha, the Yahuar believe in the power of self-mutilation, through rituals such as self-flaying and scarification.
Yahuar are common throughout South America but its knowledge has spread. Wounds inflicted through Yahuar can never completely heal, but the burst of legend its use causes is phenomenal and can fuel another Legendary Ability of the user or an ally.


A specialty of the Teotl, Itzli is the power to drain Legend from the blood and flesh of others. Though it can be used in combat, its full potential is revealed in sacrificing rituals, where its energy can be fully harnessed to serve its users needs. Though not as powerful as Yahuar (for the same wound inflicted), Itzli remains a powerful tool to quickly access legendary power. Though its use is condemned by many as barbaric, Itzli has allowed the Teotl and other beings to make a true difference.


Fleshaping is discipline that is used by many Gods and beings at various degrees. Mundane and accepted usage include accelerating the regenerating properties of a body, changing body features like hair length of skin color or facial traits. However, more potent uses can cover summoning bone shields from ones arm, exsanguination of an opponent or growing extra-limbs… And in this form, Flesh-shaping is closer to the stuff nightmares are made of… Flesh-shaping is the form of Hematurgy that creates the greatest amount of Fatebinding (about as much as Invokation), much more than Epic Physiology. However, Flesh-shaping allows for multiple kinds of body modification and manipulation that other disciplines can't possibly imitate.