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Titan of Light as Day, Hemera was an old and powerful Titan Avatar on the side of the Gods during the Second Titanomachy. In a perpetual war against Nyx (even more than the other Avatars of Aether), she tried to destroy Apep during the First Titanomachy. To do so, she convinced Aten (a minor Avatar at the time) and Hyperion to join her in her attempt to defeat him.

Apep was losing ground and was almost defeated, the overflowing kind light of day engulfing him, preventing him from escaping his foes. However, when victory was almost at hand, Aten betrayed Hemera, absorbing her powers of omnidirectionnal light. Hyperion, distracted by the betrayal, let Apep escape.

Some say that Hyperion managed to save a fragment of Hemera from the greed of the Titan of Brightness… However, if such a spark exist, it has been lost for millenia. It could mean some hope remains to save Hemera - but others say that this rumor has been spread by Aten himself to easily identify and crush his enemies.