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The mighty Hephaestus is the Lord of the Forge, and the most ingenious of the Theoi. Constantly toiling in the depths of Mount Etna, he made Ares' armor, Hermes' winged sandals, Athena's gleaming helm, and a infinity of other wonders. He is the most at home in the modern World, happy that humans are finally starting to catch up to him - though they are very far from him. The rise in computing has given him great ideas, and melding together technology and magic, he is creating creatures of untold complexity.

His great rival is the Titan Prometheus, who matches his ingenuity and resources, and as such the two are locked in a constant battle for whom has the most innovative and powerful creations. Hephaestus has less raw power, but he has the other Gods to help him: Dian Cécht, Svarog, or Ptah all help in making sure the Gods have the tools to fight the forces of Muspelheim. Nevertheless, it is Hephaestus which is at the center of these efforts, alongside his staff of immortals and mythborn, producing the millions of weapons the Gods need to continue the eternal War.

Having been married to Aphrodite after trapping his own mother Hera in an inescapable chair of his making to force her to arrange the union, he is madly in love with the Goddess, a forever devout and faithful husband. Despite her millenia-long on-and-off affair with Hephaestus' own brother Ares, he forgives all her indiscretions, blaming himself for lacking attractiveness or charm.

His Godborns are often tortured creators, unsure of their place in the World and eager to please. They work for others, always in the background, never out for themselves, self-doubt thwarting their own advancement. They are computer programmers, architects, or car mechanics.

Associated Powers

Fire - Invention
Runic Druid
Fire - Life
Light - Illumination
Order - Knowledge
Spiritwalking - Shamanism

Associated Abilities

First Aid