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Hera is, first and foremost, the Queen of the Theoi. Wife to Zeus, she is the one truly ruling every time (and it is often) Zeus is away chasing after his latest conquest.

Of the generation of Demeter and Poseidon, Hera is among the most powerful of the Theoi, but keeps her power relatively subdued, as she sees more power in what is hidden than in what is showed. Her authority is absolute, her head held high, and her pride unmarred. Surrounded by peacocks, her luxurious palace overlooking the rest of Olympus, Hera knows the importance of keeping up appearances.

She has strong kinship with Isis, and the plans between the two are responsible for the peace between the Theoi and Neter despite the seemingly-deliberate efforts of Sekhmet, Ares, Horus and Zeus to mess it up.

Faithful to Zeus, she never mates with humans to create Godborn, instead infusing her Legend to those she finds worthy of her attention, in the same way that Gods such as Osiris do. They tend to be promising politicians, strong-willed community leaders, or CEOs of major corporations.

Associated Powers

Epic Beauty
Chwal - Puppeteer
Light - Brightness
Light - Glory
Fire - Strife
Epic Strength
Epic Toughness

Associated Abilities