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Tricky Hermes is a former Godborn of Zeus, and has since become the Messenger of the Gods, God of Trade, Thieves, Guides and Roads.

Hermes is, above all, clever and opportunistic. He realized that the Theoi's habit of allowing rivers such as Acheron to bring Souls to the Underworld was inefficient, prone to tampering by necromancers or Titanspawn. He bathed in Acheron, and from it learned the secrets of guiding Souls to their final rest. Hermes became the Theoi's psychopomp, and trained a fleet of immortals and his own Godborn to serve as a network of guides efficiently running the flow of Souls to Hades. With him as the humble coordinator, of course.

He also saw an opportunity when human trade developed, to help merchants on the way. He developed the Great Highway…and set up tolls. Patron of trade, he made a fortune from dealings throughout every realm, which he now uses for furthering the agenda of the Theoi.

His children are as mischievous and opportunistic as he is, not interested in climbing the ladder, but fly all the way up instead. They are journalists, mafia bosses, compulsive gamblers and pyramid scheme pushers.

Associated Powers

Tai Yi - Flow
Light - Brightness
Epic Senses
Night - Moon
Night - Stars
Spiritwalking - Necromancy
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Puppeteer

Associated Abilities


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