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Fallen Egyptian God of Sky, Heru-Ur was Hathor's former husband and the Neter's armies' former General.

A coffee-colored skin and tattoos all over his body, Heru-Ur was among the first generation of the Neter's Gods. Married to Hathor, he was as bold as he was bald.

Also called by the Ancients "Horus the Elder", Heru-Ur was swift to retribution and was rarely merciful with anyone threatening his pantheon's integrity. Behind his round face and kind traits was hiding a fierce and skilled warrior. But as all warriors, Heru-Ur fought one battle too many.

Back from a war mission within Aether to fight Hyperion's forces, Heru-Ur fell sick shortly afterwards. With the help of Osiris - before he was killed by Set - and his wife Isis, it was soon enough discovered that Heru-Ur were poisoned by a powerful substance absorbing his Legend, at a slow but steady pace. Despite their best efforts, Osiris and Isis weren't able to find a cure, to the damn of Hathor who realized she was deemed to witness her husband suffer to death for the next centuries to come.

Heru-Ur soon had to give up his role as the Neter's General and stayed on his barge in the Egyptian Godrealm. The centuries passed and he was seen more often in a bed than on his feet. Eventually, Heru-Ur caught his last breath, throwing Hathor in the deepest reaches of grief.

It was later discovered Heru-Ur's murderer was the Light Titan Aten. Still a minor Titan at the time, the death of Heru-Ur combined with the absorption of the God's Legend, gave him enough Legend to kickstart his lightning rise to power over Aether. Soon after Heru-Ur's death, Aten managed to absorb Hyperion and throw into exile the other Light Titans, setting himself as Aether's ultimate ruler.

Being dead for over a millenium, none of Heru-Ur's Godborns are alive nowadays.