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Hidan Takamado was a teenager martial artist in the Second World War. As a Godborn of Amaterasu, he tried his best to prevent the american advance. However, when Japan finally surrendered, he snapped. Drunk, he cursed his mother, calling her a coward for allowing the sacred land of Japan surrender to a foreign alliance of western barbarians. He went in one of her shrine and desecrated it, challenging her…
Amaterasu is not a Goddess who forgives easily. She repudiated him officially and cursed him. He was glad… He could finally be free of all this "Legend" nonsense. He found a wife, a honorable girl who was taking care of people after Hiroshima. Together, they were blessed with a beautiful son and had a good ten years together. He was teaching karate in a humble dojo, she was a nurse in the developing Japan of the 50's. Life was good, simple and without freaking titanspawns ruining your day.

However, radiation poisoning soon appeared on his wife… He spent all the money he had on a treatment, but she died from cancer five years later. In 1973, his son started to show signs of cancer… However, this time, it was clear that the illness was supernatural… Hidan had no contacts, everyone had turned his back on him years ago to avoid Amaterasu's scorn. But then he had an opportunity… Agartha.

Hidan Takamado is now a middle aged martial artist, handsome and well built. He uses Light Invokation and Epic Physiology to extreme levels to become a speeding ray of light, punching his way forward with precision, silence and determination.