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Hodr, son of Odin, is a now deceased Aesir God who is mostly known for being the unintentionnal killer of Baldur. As a God of Darkness and The Crippled, he was a blind and kind God, patron of the weak but always a bit of an outsider in the loud and busy halls of Valhalla.

When Frigg predicted Baldur's death, she made every element, plant and being swear never to harm Baldur… Except the mistletoe who she deemed harmless. When Loki discovered this oversight, he fashioned a mistletoe spear.

While all the Gods of the Aesir were amusing themselves by throwing every available projectile at Baldr and laughing as the things bounced off of their unharmed companion, Loki approached Hodr with the mistletoe spear. He convinced Hodr to throw the spear at Baldur to contribute to the game and to honor the strength of his brother. Although Hodr knew of Loki's manipulative nature, Hodr just wanted to join the festivities and was certain that, if even Mjollnir bounced of Baldur, no weapon he could use would do harm. With Loki guiding his hand, Hodr launched the spear at Baldr. The weapon pierced him, and, to the shock and horror of all present, he fell down dead on the spot.

Odin, furious at the death of his son (mainly because it was fated to trigger the events of Ragnarok) sired Vali, who grew up in a day and killed Hodr in an epic confrontation.

Baldur was later saved by the sacrifice of Nanna, who changed Fate, making the death of Hodr… A bit unnecessary to foreign observers. Some say he was saved at the last minute by Erebus, however Vali has assured that he cut his head and saw him die.