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Egyptian God of Justice, Horus is the Neter's leader and son of Osiris and Isis. He is also Thoth's genitor and Anubis' brother.

Falcon-headed and dark skinned, Horus is perhaps the proudest God of the Neter. Still a young God, he is aware his position is envied by many especially by Set. But he has the protection of his mother Isis to help him manage his situation, even though he doesn't need nor want such kind of protection.

After Set slew Osiris and scattered his remains all over Egypt, Isis and Anubis managed to gather them all except his penis. Isis then used a tool of her own making to replace the missing phallus and used it to unify herself with the body of her dead husband and give birth to Horus. Born only for a few hours and still a weakling, Horus helped his mother and brother give life back to Osiris and set him as Duat's ruler. Learning who was responsible of his father's demise, Horus swore to avenge him and battle Set. But while growing up, Set kept harassing him and Isis with the support of Re, who weren't fond at all of the young God, son of the Goddess who betrayed him.

When the revenge day arrived, Horus stepped into his uncle's palace and declared a duel. Set being aware of the Prince status pending over Horus' head, he added the winner of this duel shall become the new leader of the Neter. Determined to beat Set, Horus accepted. Several trials were set, with the rest of the pantheon as arbiters. Horus won every trial and was showing himself to be the one most fit to lead the Neter. But Set wasn't done yet. noticing Horus was at least his equal in terms of power, he then tried to seduce him. In order to show dominance over him, Set tried to inseminate his nephew. But Horus was able to catch Set's semen and throw it over a salad. And thus was born Thoth. Acknowledging Horus superiority over his uncle's, the Egyptian Gods proclaimed Horus as their leader, leaving to Set the duty to keep fighting Apep alongside Atum Re and be a Guardian of the Desert.

Relations between Set and Horus were always punctuated by jealousy for one and revenge for the other. Set's jealousy reached a peak when, during another fight against his nephew, he managed to reap his left eye off and scattered the 64 pieces all over Egypt, like he did for Osiris remains. With the help of his "son" Thoth, Horus recovered 63 of the pieces and Thoth crafted the 64th part with spells to give more insight to the Prince of the Neter.

Horus is not depicted as the proudest God of the Neter out of nowhere. He takes a personal matter over his pantheon's image to others. He considers the Egyptian civilization as the most evolved one to have set foot on the World and will explain in scores of details why and how. As the "Pharaoh" of the Neter, he is at the same time the impartial judge, the vengeful executioner and the inquisitive investigator. As such he considers himself a rival of any other pantheon leader. Not to the point of declaring wars of course, but he is always keen to show other leaders how inferiors they are compared to the Egyptian civilization.

Like their father, Horus' children are dedicated to enforcing order around them. No matter the cost and in a not always so subtle way. They are judges, FBI agents or police officers. The most rogue of them, assuming they can survive their father's retribution, are hacktivists or hit men, enforcing a different vision of order than their father's.

Associated Powers

Tai Yi - Nature
Light - Brightness
Order - Control
Epic Presence
Chwal - Puppeteer
Order - Self-Control
Sky - Destruction

Associated Abilities