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Chinese God of the Sun and Archery, Houyi is a former Godborn of Fuxi and husband of Chang'e.

Tall, thin but muscular body and dark-haired, Houyi was a master archer and a famous creature hunter, like his Greek counterpart Herakles.

In love with Chang'e, the two could not receive her father, the Emperor Ku's blessing to marry each other. Until one day, ten suns rose up into the sky, drying rivers and scorching the earth.

The ten suns were actually the ten sons of Hyperion, who decided to attack the World. Before the Celestial Bureaucracy had time to make a move, Houyi had taken nine out of ten avatars, leaving one alive: Helios, the most moderate of them, who were following his father's orders without consenting.

As a reward for his bravery, Houyi were granted access to the Golden Orchard, where he could receive the gift of immortality. There, he met its keeper, Xiwangmu who gave him an elixir of immortality, specifically made from ichor extracted from the fruits. Proud and happy, Houyi took the elixir, but quickly realized the consequences: becoming a God would mean to lose the love of his life. He then asked Xiwangmu if he could receive one more gift as a reward: a second part of elixir so his wife Chang'e could join him into godhood. He proceeded to explain the extent of his feelings for the young woman, describing how beautiful and strong she was and that he planned to live a full mortal life with her before drinking the elixir. Moved by Houyi's tale, she asked permission to Shangdi to produce a second elixir for Chang'e. Not impressed by the records of the demi-Goddess, the Yellow Emperor accepted to the condition she became worthy of it by the end of her mortal life.

Once back home, the Emperor Ku, as a reward for saving China, gave him his daughter to marry. Both happy and both aware of the existence of Titans and Gods, they lived an happy life, eager to witness what was coming.

Indeed, Chang'e had a flaw: curiosity. She was living a good life but knowing the effects of immortality, just for the sake of it, was becoming an obsession. To the point where, one day Houyi was away hunting, she drank her half of the elixir.
Coming back home, Houyi saw his wife drinking not only her half, but also his, as she couldn't stop. Seeing her turning into a Goddess as she emptied the flask, Houyi fell on his knees. He knew what were about to happen. Only a few seconds after Chang'e absorbed all of the elixir, she disappeared out of thin air. Houyi knew she was being drawn before the Yellow Emperor to receive her duties. She was becoming the Goddess of the Moon.

But Houyi was left heartbroken: he was planning to live an eternity with the love of his life and instead, he was trapped on Earth, with no mean to reach her into godhood anymore. Slowly the heartache was replaced by bitterness which turned into anger and finally became hate.

By the end of his life, Houyi became a tyrant and quickly lost his heroic reputation, becoming a feared and disrespected figure of China. One day that he was challenging one of his apprentice to an archery contest - which he won without any trouble - this same apprentice, upon realizing he will never become as good as his master, decided to kill him out of jealousy.

Expecting to die like the other humans and to suffer the process of reincarnation, Houyi was surprised to be brought before Shangdi. The Yellow Emperor explained him there were no place for tyrants like him amongst the Gods but he couldn't ignore the legendary deeds the Godborn had accomplished. Shangdi decided to give him the same fate as his spouse: Houyi would spend eternity serving the Bureaucracy from Helios's realm, serving as ambassador and spy within Aether.

Thus, Chang'e and Houyi became examples of the balance between Yin and Yang, concept in the center of the Taiyi magic.

Like their father, Houyi's children are driven by their emotions. Their behaviour is highly compulsive and they are as prompt to anger as they are to love. If they ever feel one of their loved ones is threatened, they can go to extreme lengths to assit them and wipe out the threat. They also are loyal, even faithful, dedicated to their cause and entitled to prove their worthiness. They can be found in a wide range of jobs, from infantry soldier to detectives fighting the Triads.

Associated Powers

Light - Brightness
Light - Sun
Tai Yi - Nature
Fire - Strife
Fire - Destruction
Fire - Life

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