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Official leader of the Teotl and tutelary deity of the Aztecs, Huitzilopotchtli is the God of the Sun, Fire, War and the Ruling Lineage. He alone is responsible for the victories of his people and the return of the Sun during the day. He is currently the most proficient user of Itztli on the side of the Gods and he initiated its fundamentals to the high priests of Tenochticlan to help the Teotl fight Whiro before he became Camazotz.

His name literally means "The southern hummingbird". One would expect such a strong God to have a fiercer associated animal…until one remembers that the hummingbird has the highest metabolism of all living things. In that sense, they describe Huitzilopochtli perfectly : he is restless, constantly hungry for new experiences, conflict and more importantly, blood. It's his fuel, his energy and his pride. He protected his mother Coatlicue from Mixcoatl and his 400 sons… But he could not protect her from Camazotz during the Second Titanomachy… And now Hematurgy is his way of insuring that no Teotl will ever fall again.

Despite his appetite for conflict, Huitzilopochtli is protective of his Pantheon and his people and does not draw blood without reason. He is strong and fierce because, unlike other Gods, he knows that to ensure survival, one has sometimes get his hands drenched in blood. He claims that Haruspicy revealed to him that if the Mayan Gods were to thrive, they would turn into Titans during the next war. Therefore, he orchestrated their defeat and sacrifice to empower the Teotl as a whole, rising them to the level of Major Pantheon on par with the Celestial Bureaucracy or the Orisha. Fearing the hummingbird's thirst for power, the Ayllus begged the other pantheons to intervene. And they did in the form of Cortez, one of the most powerful Godborn of Zeus, that took down the entire Aztec civilization, Huitzilopochtli's pride, as a warning : one must not act recklessly if one is to survive in the Overworld. Since then, Huitzipochtli has apparently learn his lesson and shown no sign of taking revenge on the Theoi or their allies.

Whether Huitzilopochtli's prediction was right or not, he is one of the most martially powerful Gods today. He is bloodthirsty, but his thirst is tempered by his sense of duty and his will to protect his people from the darkness. He now actively fights the Titans, both with his fiery leadership and his destructive combat abilities, and is one of the only pantheon leaders taking (some say unnecessary) risks on the field. Nowadays, one can usually find him next to Tūmatauenga and The Dagda, laughing loudly as he sprays the blood of Titanspawn of Huracan.

Since the Overworld War broke out, he rarely visits the world. When he does, he is a pragmatic leader, making the tough choices nobody else has the guts to make, and having an unlimited supply of energy to back it up. His few Godborns are just as inclined to take matters into their own hands as death squad commander, dark but fiery vigilantes or taciturn executioners. However, they have a taste for conflict and blood, a taste so strong some fear it is just the consequence of the mighty hummingbird's Fatebindings through Hematurgy…

Associated Powers

Light - Brightness
Epic Presence
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Death - Destruction
Epic Strength
Epic Toughness
Fire - Strife

Associated Abilities


Known Godborns