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Huracán was a Mayan God before the Second Titanomachy. He accompanied the first Meso-American Gods and civilization, punishing the weak and nurturing the strong.
A son of Rehua, Huracán was always obsessed with a form of purity and perfection and he wanted to create the perfect people on earth to serve him and make the World flourish. But humans being inherently flawed, his experiments became more and more frightening. At the slightest failure, he would level entire cities with supersonic winds and rains of lighting bolts…

When his uncle Whiro started hunting his people and fellow Gods, Huracán wanted to make the greatest receptacle, the perfect people for him to create new Godborns able to fight against the Death Bat. He sacrificed his leg, replacing it with a snake-like tornado, in order to create people out of his own being… However, the ritual was so successful that he transformed into a Titan Avatar of Sky as Tempest, and his offspring became an army of Coatl and titanspawns… The turning was so sudden, like a a crack of thunder, that it shattered Huracán's mind and memories… And only destruction and havoc remained alongside his vision of a pure world, where sky is to be feared and worshipped (and not tamed by missiles or planes).

He made his way into Amaunet and joined the war on the side of the Titans during the Second Titanomachy. With his phenomenal powers, he proved to be an exceptional and capable fighter and general under the orders of Typhon. He was ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of the Teotl and banished to a remote corner of Amaunet.

Having largely recovered his former glory, Huracán has made new plans. He wants to take over Typhon's forces and is glad he is still locked up. He has to prepare and take hold of Amaunet while he still can, even if it means allying himself with the calm Shu. Ouranos also represents a potential threat, therefore Huracán has been very active and belligerent in order to recruit new allies and grow in power. Therefore despite his raging power, he has created pacts with Tawhirimatea, Yam and the newly turned Tlaloc in order to prepare. He is one of the more aggressive Titan and his forces assault the Greater Wall with lightning and tornadoes relentlessly.