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Art by belegilgalad

Born from Erebus, along with his twin brother Thanatos, when the Titan of Darkness - back when he was still a God - merged a part of his Legend with Nyx, Hypnos is the Titan of Sleep and sometimes dubbed The Sandman.

As embodiement of Sleep, Hypnos is - with Prometheus - the Titan the closest to humanity. His realm is located at the source of the Lethe river, a cave where no light nor sound never enters and everything is stuck in a stale state. It is littered with the sleeping bodies of reckless adventurers from every era. All of them are sound asleep, their bodies protected from time's effects while their minds are drifting in endless dreams. When enough times has passed, these dreamers become Hypnos' servants: the Oneiroi, beings nor asleep nor awake which execute their master's biddings, which most of the time consists of putting humans to sleep and ensure their minds' safety during the process.

Due to his very nature, Hypnos is naturally forced to work with Dracula, the Titan of Nightmares, sometimes against or with him depending on the situation. With Fenrir and Dracula allied, Hypnos often plays the role of disruptor in their relationship since fear is a concept not to abuse when it comes to dreams: a human afraid of sleeping because of nightmares is of no use for Hypnos. Due to his more tempered personnality, he is often considered as a messenger between the Gods and other more belligerent Titans of Nyx.