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Iapetus is an minor Titan of Kosmos, an enemy of the Gods and the Hand of Control, younger brother and second to Kronus. Father of Prometheus and Atlas, Iapetus appears very human for a Titan, until you realize that it is just a facade. He is the minor avatar of Order as Self Control and is always calm and collected, even in his appearance, but remains inhuman nonetheless, and has been since he deliberatly chose to become a Titan to assist his brother in his task.

Despite his age, Iapetus is not as powerful as some of his children as he restrains his own power due to his Fatelocked nature. This suits Kronus well : his brother is no direct threat to him and a great political asset. Some say the restraining of his power and directing it inward through self-control makes Iapetus the most resilient beings in the Overworld with maybe Surtr and Ourea… And despite living through three Titanomachies, no marks of battle appears on his alabaster skin and no warcry has ever shook his impenetrable gaze.