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Idun, now the Titan Avatar of Order as Selflessness, was once the Aesir Goddess of Immortality.

She fell in love with Bragi and agreed to turn him into a God thanks to her magical apples of pure ichor. However, this love was unrequited and, no matter how she tried, she just could not keep the favors of her husband for long. She wanted to give him more, so that he could be thankful… She continued her experiments with Fate and Ichor, trying to improve her powers and give her husband more power.

She refined her process and her knowledge of ichor, so much so that she tried something new, to improve the power and longevity of the Gods even further. She tried to mix Ichor with Anima, the substance of the Titans themselves. And it was working… In one of her golden apples, with the right catalyst and precise preparation, Ichor could dominate Anima, drain its power and convert it… She was so sure… She tried the experiment not on an apple, but on herself. She was going to be the most powerful Goddess and give her husband everything he always wanted… Then, surely, he would fall in love with her.

The experience backfired atrociously. Pure anima from Kosmos overwhelmed her nature, turning her into a entirely new being. Fusing with the power of Order, she became a Titanspawn, powerful enough to even be considered a minor avatar. A being of gold and sadness, her nature dripped of one thing : selflessness…