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Ikole Orun is the Godrealm of the Orisha and their Loa descendant, residing at the border of Terra and Oceanus. The might, number, and unity of the Orisha allowing them to keep the Titans at bay. Also known as the "Realm of Spirit", Ikole Orun is ruled by Olorun atop the Seat of Eternity, the ancient palace where he and Eledumare - before his disparition - give out counsel and decisions affecting the rest of the Orisha.

Around the Seat of Eternity is a vast complex of cities, Oyo-Ile, stretching across the Savanna, a bustling, peaceful megalopolis where the Souls of ancestors live their lives in the light of their Gods and protectors.

Because Ikole Orun is home to Souls thousands of years old living besides their newly-arrived brethren, and because the Orisha have moved with the times more than any other Pantheon, it is a patchwork of cultures, attitudes, and languages. Noble 18th century Zulu kings make their home across the road from Bronze Age hunters, and a short walk away from a New Orleans musician's jazz club.

These Souls make frequent trips to the World - practices of Chwal and Reincarnation means that checking in with one's descendants is exceedingly easy, if time consuming. Thankfully, these Souls have nothing but time.

Alongside the great city, a beautiful beach extends for miles, boats ferrying the Souls to and from Ikole Orun, the shimmering surface giving off an ethereal mist guiding the Souls to their destination.

As one enters the water, however, they will not find themselves cold and drowning. Instead, they will find a path leading downwards. Deep down under Oyo-Ile, in the depths, lies the city of Ville au Camp, where the new generation of the Loa have their homes. Despite the surface holding most of their time and attention, especially the meetings at the Seat of Eternity, the Loa created Ville au Camp for those times where patience, subtlety and magic are necessary, and brute strength is frowned upon. There, Legba, Yemoja, Damballa and their ilk can make their own rules, a fresh new start, away from the long and bloody history of the Orisha.