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Illapa (Sometimes called Illapu), the God of Weather who gifted rain to the World, has an important place in the Incan culture that depended on agriculture. The Milky Way is his realm, a heavenly river that flew eternally across the stars over Hanan Pacha. He stores its water in a mythic jug. When Illapu strikes the jug with a bolt of lightning from his slingshot, it takes the sound of thunder, brakes the jug and releases the rain.

Illapu is also the God of War. However, unlike most Gods of conflict, he dislikes conquest. He is an expert in defensive warfare and protecting his assets. Using slingshots, bows and javelins, he is an expert in hit-and-run tactics, knowing that one of the most underestimated part of war is logistics. He is a traditionalist, like Inti, but with the war against the Titans gaining in intensity, he chose to change. He has organized a monthly meeting (at the new moon when the Milky Way is most visible) between many Gods of warfare to exchange tactics, particularly Athena, Lugh, Hachiman and Jarilo.

His children are protectors and warriors. They take care of the land and the people with the sole strength of their arms. As irrigation engineer, security experts, military architects or expert in agricultural supply chain, they solidify the existing, optimize systems and fight against outsiders. Sometimes prone to chauvinism, they are nonetheless good hearted and efficient, and respect might only if paired with principle and strategic thinking.

Associated Powers

Epic Senses
Night - Fear
Epic Toughness
Fire - Strife
Order - Gravity
Order - Control
Night - Stars

Associated Abilities

First Aid