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Founded in ancient Phoenicia about three millenia ago, the Illuminati is a Secret Society whose aim is to influence and control humanity from the shadows, using a vast network of well-positioned Enlightened to ensure their objectives are met.


Founded in the prosperous country of Phoenicia, the Illuminati were an influent group of bankers and merchants whose realm of operations extended throughout the Mediterranean Sea. They organized what would become the Board in the 9th century BC, at the high point of the Phoenician empire. At first, the Illuminati were just interested in the progress of mankind in order to maximize profits for their business. By creating new systems like insurance or the alphabet, their members allowed human civilizations to flourish just as much as their treasury.
When Alexander the Great, with the help of the Theoi, invaded their country of origin, the Illuminati were not surprised or scared. In fact, they had anticipated this move long before and had moved their assets all across the Mediterranean. They began their diaspora, maintaining small amount of contact until the roman empire. The second Board met on the 8th of March 44 BC, a week before the murder of Julius Caesar.

The Illuminati remained hidden for a long time, using Orichalcum, money and influence to avoid direct confrontation with the gods or the titans. With the Concordat of Stonehenge however, the scene of the World was wide open. Using their opportunistic nature, the Illuminati became one of the most influential force in the western world, infiltrating the courts of king and the churches of the Vatican. Never in the spotlight, they were and always are at the closest to leadership and know how to exploit events to their fullest. From the acquiring the Templar treasure during the crusades to stealing old relics during colonizations, the Illuminati play a dangerous game in a balance between greed and survival. Today, the capitalistic world is their playground, and they know all the rules of the game (they created a lot of them). Hiding behind investment funds, central banks, finance advisors and criminal organization, the Illuminati watch, move rarely directly, and influence in both a subtle and powerful manner.


Due to their highly individualistic nature, the organization of the Illuminati is designed to promote initiative, complementarity and ambition. They are mainly united by their common will to free humans from the influence of the gods, by proving that humans are not just cattle to create Godborns, but a power to respect and fear.

The Illuminati hide behind layers after layers of secrecy, so that getting a glimpse of them can only be done on their own terms. As such, there is no one clear organizational structure in the Illuminati. Instead, members across the globe are formed according to the principle of a specific Lodge, a school of disciplines with a unique philosophy which then connects their members together in more layers of veils and deception. Individual Illuminati generally never reveal which Lodge they belong to, and most of the Illuminati cells include a mixture of individuals belonging to different Lodges, unaware of each other's affiliation - often even within the same Lodge.

At the very top of the Illuminati sits the Senior Partners, shadowy figures which are the effective and spiritual leaders of each of the 9 Lodges.

The Lodges are :

  • Copper Lodge : Specialized in pharmaceutical sales and biochemistry, from big drug companies to magic medicinal plants, the Copper Lodge makes sure humans live longer and healthier. They tend to be closer to chemicals than to people, and are renowned Technodruids.
  • Bronze Lodge : Specialized in art and creation, from art galleries to exceptionally gifted musicians, they make sure humans are inspired by other humans. They have a closer relationship to the Gods than most Lodges, due to how much human art intrinsically is inspired by spirituality.
  • Silver Lodge : Specialized in high technology, from aircraft or architecture to telecom and IT, to make sure humans free themselves from nature. They are at odds with most Mythborn, but have established a powerful foothold in Utopia, securing a relationship for at least the near future.
  • Gold Lodge : Specialized in banking, insurance and finance, they are a support lodge to all other Lodges and the most "mundane". They are also the most wealthy, and though other Lodges see them as uninspired bean counters, they know they need the Gold Lodge more than the Gold Lodge needs them.
  • Orichalcum Lodge : Specialized in the Occult, they acquire, study and exploit ancient artifacts of power in order to turn the powers of the enemies of humanity against them.
  • Iron Lodge : Specialized in Enlightenement and education, as developing individual talent by exploiting one’s potential is the way for humans to free themselves from corrupt sources of power. This makes them close to the Order of the Jade Fist, with whom they share this ideal, and as such the Iron Lodge is closely watched over.
  • Lead Lodge : Specialized in criminal activities, from drug cartels to gambling, humans are free to ignore the system, especially to block the godly influences. They are the true masters of the Isfet discipline, and have turned sin and debauchery into an art form. Their illegal operations brings them at odds with the Jade Fist's New Orders, as well as the Cabal's underground activities.
  • Steel Lodge : Specialized in military activities, mercenary companies and armament technology, humans need to be able to defend themselves and the Steel Lodge provides that service - for a price. They are the fist of the Illuminati, but are sparsely used. The Illuminati know very well that they have no chance to defeat the Gods in open warfare, and so keep the Steel Lodge for precise strikes.
  • Mercury Lodge : Specialized in science and knowledge, the Mercury Lodge is primarily fascinated with the mysteries of the Cosmos. Users of Nihilism, they are convinced that there is a scientific explanation to the Gods, Life and Fate, and they will not stop until they've found it.

Senior Partners are assisted in their task by Consiglieres. The number of Consigliere per Senior Partner is not determined. They are usually specialized in one field of expertise with a huge network and years of experience. From finance to smuggling, from warfare to lobbying, a Consigliere has often been an Illuminati for a long time and has proven himself to his Senior Partner.
Being a Illuminati is never a full time job. Unlike other Secret Societies, Illuminati encourage members to integrate themselves in the world to compete, make money or earn experiences, in order to profit the organization as a whole. No-one is born Illuminati, the place has to be earned. Of course, the main criteria is no connection to any otherworldly or overworldly structure. Then come money, power, intelligence, resourcefulness… Many qualities are required to all Illuminati to prosper and thrive. The world does not care about your excuses or even your dreams. The world cares about your results.

Notable Individuals

Due to their highly hidden and paranoiac nature, the Illuminati leaders (even Praetors) are not known to Gods. However, a few individuals do stand out by being full time agent of the Secret Society in the open.