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Inari Ōkami is the Japanese Divinity of Foxes, of Fertility, Rice, Tea and Sake, Agriculture and Industry, General Prosperity and Worldly Success, and the most influential deity of the Amatsukami after Amaterasu.

More often female but still androgynous, Inari is a complex deity. She is the most venerated in Japan (one third of the japanese shrine are dedicated to him) and enjoys taking many forms, being adaptable, not too trick but to learn. Inari is even venerated today by japanese corporation such as Shiseido who build shrine in her honor.

Inari is a Goddess, but comes from mythborn origin just like most of the Amatsukami. She is the leader of the Kitsune, a type of japanese Fey, pure white foxes able to take the form of beautiful men and women. They act as her agent in many Otherworlds, creating a discreet but potent information network. Inari is young but ambitious : she is popular and likes to shake things up and her followers have disturbed Japan in many occasion during its history (usually for the better). When Uke Mochi died, she took her role as the Goddess of Food and Rice. She is the protector of those who serve, from prostitutes to firemen, and those who trade, from merchants to bandits. She enjoys smart workers wherever they are, and acts as the bridge between them and the divine.

Such an active and popular Goddess is the target of many gossips: some of the most popular include a supposed good relationships with the Jade Fist, the fact that she is a hidden daughter of Lugh, that she had an affair with Kubera, even that she orchestrated Uke Mochi's death ! But none of these allegation have even been proven. Inari is well connected : the adaptability of the Kitsune allows her to spy on many things, including titanic activities. She often trades information with Heimdall to serve the cause of the Gods, though the two Gods don't fully trust each other.

She had (too) many Godborns and had one of the most impactful, though subtle influence on japanese culture : being homogeneous in appearance, but diversified in depth. She knows that, to limit the influence of Fate, one must be adaptable and changing constantly. His/her progeny have this strange ability to be able to change their aspect, their job or even their sex when needed, but also remaining the same underneath. They are not powerful, but none can match their ability to bend the rules, find surprising solutions and avoid the spotlight. They don't like praises, but are sometimes too sure of themselves and never satisfied… They are experience-hungry but their curiosity has led a lot of them to their doom…

Associated Powers

Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow
Chwal - Rider
World - Life
Light - Brightness
Epic Beauty
Green Druid
Spiritwalking - Shamanism

Associated Abilities

First Aid