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If the Trimurti of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu are the most powerful Gods of the Deva, they are also far removed from the World, and from their fellow Gods. It is Indra, Lord of Rains and King of Heaven, who leads the Deva in the war against the Titans. He has done so for millennia, as one of the oldest Gods. He fought side by side with Kronus and Tūmatauenga against their parents Ouranos and Gaia, and two thousand years later led his fellow Gods against Kronus when he turned against them.

His greatest triumph was most likely his defeat of Vrtra, Titan of Fire as Drought, who had attempted to swallow all of the World's waters by absorbing Oceanus in its infinite thirst. The battle between the two beings rocked the Overworld, but ultimately, Indra brought down Vrtra with a powerful thunderbolt and chained it into Tartarus.

In the millennia since, Indra's gotten tired. He has done so much, for so long. No God has had a longer career as a front-line general, except maybe Odin and Ra, and neither of them is as close to the action as Indra is. He has grown irritable over time, capricious like the Sky itself, and intolerant of failure and weakness - which he has only seen too much in his lifetime.

Now the Titans are coming back, and Indra has to muster into battle the forces of the Deva once again. Only Indra does not have the same drive he once had. He leads from behind the scenes, sitting on war councils but not venturing to the Titanrealms for the battles. Murugan now leads the armies of the Deva, while Indra has become a powerful diplomat, using his connections with every Pantheon to coordinate efforts in the War.

Indra's children are powerful, proud, and commanding. They tend to still have that youthful energy and optimism that left Indra, and so they are also optimistic and energetic. They make great warriors, and greater friends, and have been known to be sports coaches, unit sergeants, and airplane pilots.

Associated Powers

water - Healing
Light - Brightness
Order - Control
Tai Yi - Nature
Epic Presence
Sky - Peace
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding

Associated Abilities